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I CAN FLY できない事なんてない 大空羽ばたく 未来が見える

TRUST YOURSELF 信じて 君の力 大空羽ばたく 翼があるだろ

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Hello it's...~

HeroinLamb.Lamb.Lambchen.Bine. or whatever you wanna call me.

Lives in Germany. Understands english, german and should be able to understand spanish but sucks at it.Speaks german english and should be able to speak spanish but sucks at it. Loves to fangirl about johnnies and suju. is definately a fangirl. Can be random. Is shy. needs a lot of time to build an english sentence. Can be mature as well as immature.


obsessed with KAT-TUN, KANJANI∞, NEWS, T&T Arashi and other Johnnys as well. Especially Akame, Pi, Takki and Ryo
Fangirls about DBSK, especially Jaejoong and Junsu but loves the other ones as well.
Loves Suju, especially Kangteuk , Eunhae, Hanchul , Shiwon and Sungmin but loves the other ones as well, they're all so adorable ♥
Fangirls about BigBang, Epik High as well and every so often about SHINee


Spiders, Morimoto Ryutaro

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Journal-Layout by okimiyage

credit kawaiikame

For it is in the love that we share that we can truly find our happiness...
we want to personally thank [Lamb] for attending our private wedding, given this

15th day of November, 2007
Akanishi Jin
Kamenashi Kazuya

want one?only from randomkt